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What is Tuck-Pointing?

As concrete buildings age, the mortar can crack, requiring repair called tuck-pointing. In Pittsburgh PA, such structural crack repair is a building specialty that requires the expertise of Mariani & Richards, a masonry contractor serving the Pittsburgh area since 1950. Tuck-point masonry is just one of services from this award-wining concrete restoration and waterproofing company. When you need tuck-point services in Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, Cranberry, Mt. Lebanon and Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, contact us for a free estimate.

Pittsburgh PA: How to Tuck-Point a Mortar Joint

With the passage of time and the stress of the elements, even the best-built concrete or stone buildings in Pittsburgh require tuck-point masonry. Our skilled professionals have many years of experience in tuck-pointing and are recognized for their fine work repairing cracks in mortar joints. This specialty requires more than a mortar and trowel as the replacement mortar must be the same as the original for true stability and strength of repair.

Tuck-Pointing in Pittsburgh PA

Tuck-Pointing Contractor in Pittsburgh: New and Historical Projects

Some of the tuck-point work that we do is on historic buildings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While doing this type of structural crack repair, we cannot use the mortar that is applied to new buildings. First, the applied mortar must be the same as the original to ensure proper repair and stability. Second, government regulations to preserve historic buildings require the new mortar to match the old.

Find Correct Structural Crack Repair Work

Begin tuck-point masonry by cleaning the old mortar away. This allows you to see how big the cracks or holes might be. Then, it is time to mix the mortar, which must match the existing mortar in material, as well as composition, especially in how porous and how strong it is. Once, you have the proper mortar and tools for tuck-pointing, it is time to begin structural crack repair. Apply the mortar and follow with a light spray of water so the mortar cures properly. Our experts have performed tuck-pointing in Pittsburgh for years, and guarantee water-tight work on all projects.

Benefits of Tuck-Point Masonry in Pittsburgh PA

A tuck-pointing contractor not only extends the life of a building with necessary structural crack repair, but also keeps water out, and thus preserves the outside and inside of the building. There is also an important aesthetic benefit. Tuck-pointing in Pittsburgh adds to the beauty of buildings, by covering cracks and restoring their originally impressive appearance.

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