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Grout Injection in Pittsburgh, PA

After 65 years in the building restoration business, our company, a leading masonry contractor in the area, has perfected the science of grout injection. Our experienced supervisor and crews examine your building restoration project thoroughly and apply the precise epoxy injection or exterior grout injection that is required at exactly the right place. With our long-time experience restoring historic structures, we know exactly how to use grout for the purpose of strengthening the building without altering its exterior appearance.

Just a few benefits of regularly maintaining your building injections of grout include energy efficiency, fewer drafts indoors, and water resistance throughout your building. Each of these helps to reduce the chances of mold growth and high utility bills during the extreme temperatures of winter and summer. In addition, we are adept at ensuring crack control in any area of a building, no matter how large or how small. We are extremely careful not to compromise any part of the building’s exterior; we are thoroughly knowledgeable about requirements that must be met in regard to historic buildings.

Save Money on Restoration with Epoxy Injection

Consider epoxy injection when making decisions about the repairs your masonry building requires. Our team members are always available to discuss your project and advise you regarding the best solution for your building issues. We perform our process by shooting epoxy resin into cracks to fill the gaps as well as to strengthen the structure.

This helps prevent the uneven, mismatched look of having older stone beside brand-new bricks. This specialized skill may be less expensive than other fixes, so be sure to ask us if this is the wisest option for your building.

Grout Injection in Pittsburgh PA

Maintain your building’s historic and elegant appearance by repairing your existing stonework or brick installation. Instead of having to replace your stone or brick, allow us to provide a proven process to seal the cracks or holes.

Exterior Grout Injection and Urethane Foam

In addition to epoxy grout injection in structural stone buildings in Pittsburgh, our crews also use urethane foam on building restoration projects. Each serves its own purpose. For example, building grout injection repairs cracks, and urethane foam injection swells to fill cracks and holes to create a protective barrier that resists water. We combine urethane foam and grout injections in repairs for structural strength and water resistance.

Our contractors often recommend using urethane foam injection due to its reliable color, resistance to shrinkage and cracking, and stain resistance. These factors provide a professional and consistent appearance for any property. Our specialists ensure that your urethane grout is applied properly to provide many years of water resistance, low maintenance, and excellent investment value.

Why Do I need Building Grout Injection?

 Structures of brick and stone, both private and public buildings, suffer damage over time due to the elements and the shifting of the structure itself. This causes cracks and holes that require repair for the health and longevity of older properties. Urethane foam and building grout injection fill out cracks and holes, and provide a protective barrier against rain, snow, and other erosive elements. The epoxy injection restores the building to structural soundness.

Before our special crews begin injections of any kind, we inspect the site for cracks and holes, select the best product, and then ready the structure for work. This involves cleaning away any dirt or debris that could alter the efficiency of your grout and determining how much grout mixture is needed to prevent waste or work delays. Such careful preparation ensures optimal results for your brick or stone building.

In addition, maintaining proper building grout helps reduce drafts and energy loss in your building. Older stone buildings often experience high utility bills due to their lack of advanced methods of insulation and masonry. By allowing our skilled team of professionals to seal any cracks, holes, or other inconsistencies in your stone building, you’re able to enjoy a more even and comfortable temperature inside as well as lower energy bills throughout all four seasons.

Contact us for comprehensive and reliable grout injection services. We proudly serve the Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, and Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, areas.

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