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Concrete Restoration in Pittsburgh PA

Do you suspect defects in your concrete building? Our concrete restoration services in Pittsburgh PA can mend the tolls of time on your building. Mariani & Richards, an award-winning masonry contractor in the Pittsburgh PA, conducts concrete restoration on the following structures:

  • Commercial and Industrial buildings
  • Residential Buildings and Homes
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Hotels, Stadiums and Theaters

Whether your concrete building is in Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, Cranberry, Mt. Lebanon or Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, we have the experience, training and technology for concrete building restoration.

Our services include waterproofing, caulking and tuck pointing, contact us today to begin concrete repair in Pittsburgh that will stabilize your structure and prevent further damage.

Find the Best Concrete Building Restoration

Our company is licensed, bonded and insured to perform residential, commercial and institutional concrete restoration services in Pittsburgh. Having specialized in structural concrete restoration for 65 years, our award-winning company knows how to restore your concrete building so it will last for many years to come.

Professional Concrete Repair Services in Pittsburgh PA

With concrete repair or any other building repair in Pittsburgh, the years and the elements wreak havoc. You might see cracks develop and oxidation occur. Water can seep into aging concrete. As time goes on, bits and pieces of the concrete structure can break away, falling to the ground below. Before your building suffers from permanent damage, you need the most experienced professionals for concrete repair services.

Building Restoration in Pittsburgh PA

Structural Concrete Restoration

At Mariani & Richards, INC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have the experience, knowledge and technology required for quality concrete building restoration. All of our people-from our project managers to our supervisors to our workers-have the proper training and knowledge of the best procedures and methods to perform first-rate work. Concrete repair requires specialization for long-lasting results, and our professionals are known for the quality workmanship they have provided in countless services for structural concrete restoration in Pittsburgh.

Preserve and Protect Masonries with Concrete Repair

Even though your concrete building in Pittsburgh, PA may be decades old, let us assure you that the methods, products and equipment we use for concrete restoration services are the latest and most modern in the industry. For example, our most advanced coating and sealers provide water resistance that far surpasses products from even a few years ago. We use technology to properly repair and restore older buildings, which is vital to their safety and long lifespan.

Contact us today for concrete repair of homes, churches, parking garages, tunnels and stadiums. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, Cranberry, Mt. Lebanon and Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

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