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Structural Stone Replacement in Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh skyline is filled with impressive stonework performed by Mariani & Richards. Many of the cathedrals, clock towers, domes and monuments you see in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas retain their beauty and grandeur due to the brick and stone replacement services we have provided. As a trusted masonry company (HP) in the area, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence in structural stone replacement. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss a plan for the masonry restoration of your historic building.

Brick Replacement: Best Restoration Project Award

One of the challenges of brick replacement is the height of a building. Some masonry workers aren’t willing to work on taller buildings. However, one of our most famous restoration projects was St. Paul's Cathedral—truly a building that reached toward the heavens. We won an award for the Best Preservation Project for that project in 2006. We pride ourselves on completing even the most challenging restoration projects that mean so much to the community.

Steeples in Pittsburgh PA

State-of-the-Art Brick & Stone Replacement

Trust a team of highly skilled masonry contractors who are well-equipped to provide building stone replacement for even the tallest structures in the area. With our specialized equipment, our workers can do masonry restoration on industrial stacks, skyscrapers, and flagpoles. We adhere to all safety measures so our crew members are secure and your property is safe as well.

Reliable Building Stone Replacement for More than for 65 Years

Our masonry team often works on buildings of historical significance. These are national, state, and local treasures.

We carefully tend to these buildings by providing detailed structural stone replacement – removing the old stone and then adding the new, one by one. Our professionals carefully assess your restoration project and create a plan to accomplish your goals.

For many decades, commercial and residential customers have trusted us to handle all of their brick and stone masonry needs. We are known for providing quality, timely, and excellent work. Preserve and restore your old historic building by depending on us for restoration work that achieves the results you want.

What is Masonry Restoration?

At our company, there are many individual tasks we perform under the heading of masonry restoration. We are proud of performing expert stone and brick replacement, as well as caulking, adding new decorative features, bird proofing, waterproofing, painting, securing loose features, refinishing metal, and tuckpointing.

Comprehensive Brick Replacement Services

There is a reason why brick masonry is as popular today as it was many years ago. It is not only beautiful, but brick and mortar do not rot, rust, warp, or bend. Brick and stone are highly durable materials that last for decades – even centuries. In addition, brick is beautifully colored. Because it is fired at extreme temperatures when they are being made, the color does not fade throughout the years.

However, even stone and bricks will weaken over time. This is largely due to moisture, heat, and cold. They expand and contract, creating cracks and chips. If you need brick replacement, depend on us. We repair and replace cracked or defaced bricks that tarnish the appearance of your building. Our team replaces bricks of every size and color. By doing so, we not only restore the structural integrity of your building, but we also improve its appearance.

Customized Masonry Restoration

Make your building look attractive again. In addition to providing brick replacement, we can also perform tuckpointing. This involves repairing the mortar between the bricks. By removing old mortar and placing new mortar, we revitalize your structure. This option has both functional and aesthetic advantages. We can customize both the bricks and the mortar to look the way you want, giving an excellent opportunity to make your building sturdier and more attractive at the same time.

Contact us today to discuss a plan for structural stone replacement for your historic building. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, and Cranberry, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas.

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