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Brick & Stone Repair in Pittsburgh

Our company restores once-beautiful masonry buildings to full glory with brick and stone repair in Pittsburgh. Masonry structures, such as homes, churches, and public buildings, show their age with chips, cracks, and broken pieces. Repair work is a viable option that fills in gaps and holes to protect the building from structural damage.

Over the years, pollution and the elements take their toll on masonry buildings. To prevent serious structural damage, our company of more than 62 years provides expert stone and brick repair. Our goal is to keep these buildings aesthetically beautiful as well as safe and sound.

Brick and Stone in Pittsburgh PA

Stone Repair in Pittsburgh PA

Expert Stone Building Repair for One or More Stories

We are proud that our work in stone repair has received recognition from our peers. In 2006, our company won an award for the Best Preservation Project for the stone building repair we did on historic St. Paul’s Cathedral. Described as the “Mother Church” for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, this limestone landmark is more than 100 years old.

Your stone building does not need to be that old to require quality repairs. In fact, we recommend doing such work as soon as you notice problems, to protect the structure itself, as well as the interior of the building. Let us patch and fill those cracks and holes and replace missing stones so the elements do not cause damage.

St. Paul’s is one of those glorious old churches that reach toward the heavens. Its height is one of the challenges we faced when making repairs. However, our company makes use of the proper equipment for safety and access, as well as well-trained workers. Let us repair your stone or brick building whether it is one or multiple stories. We have the experience, the equipment, and the personnel to work safely and efficiently.

Skilled Structural Brick Repair

One of the most important reasons for structural brick repair is to prevent water damage. Over time, water can seep into cracks and chips, weakening individual bricks and the structure as a whole. In addition, water can leak into a building to cause interior damage also. Our masons do everything they can to prevent water damage and with proper repair, you extend the life of your building for many years.

The brick on that courthouse or apartment building is there because it provides beauty, structural support for the building, and protection against the elements. We make repairs for all of those reasons. Rely on us to save you money with quality and long-lasting stone and brick repair. Ask us for a free estimate and our professionals work with you to come up a reliable and affordable solution.

Contact us today for expert brick and stone repair to your residential or commercial building. We proudly serve Pittsburgh, Washington, Aspinwall, Canonsburg, and Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.

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